Fresh air development

After twenty-five years of pollution control development, SIDAC’s  skills and professional expertise covers all areas of pollution control technology, able to deliver a full range of pollution control technologies worldwide. Our products represent the industry benchmarks for quality and performance  that encompass particle pollution control and the management of gaseous contaminants through a practised understanding of fluid mechanics and chemical engineering. Our principal types of emission control devices are:

Electrostatic Precipitators The SIDAC electroprecipitator has been the cornerstone of our professional standing for over a quarter of a century. This type of electroprecipitator can be constructed with very high efficiencies - up to 99.98% - generating increased industry accessibility to technologies that offset pollution and reduce waste expenditure. Consultancy The extensive experience and professional reputation of SIDAC in this field has extended into a leading consultancy practise, dedicated to the functional enhancement of existing industry units, primary through the following services:
- ESP refurbishment.
- ESP efficiency improvement.
- Transformation of ESP to Pulse-Jet Filters.
- Baghouse refurbishment.
Baghouse & Pulse-Jet Filters These filters have been design to handle very large flow rates on difficult applications and heavy industry environments, such as municipal incineration plants and sludge incineration plants. These filters primarily neutralize specific acids in order to prevent acid-rain, maintaining a consistently high level of de-dusting (up to 99.99%) and efficient absorption of very dangerous contaminants.
Mechanical Collectors Based on centrifugal separation, SIDAC has developed a special collector to ensure enhanced separation that acts as a versatile and effective de-dusting application. Absorbers & Reactors The STATLINE® reactor has been designed in order to improve the capture of gaseous pollutants on solid absorbers such as calcium-oxide, bicarbonate and activated carbon. It is installed between the electroprecipitator and the fabric filter in order to allow SIDAC to offer the full line of gaseous treatment. Alongside these pioneering emission control devices, SIDAC’s expert understanding of pollution control is offered in a managerial capacity for companies seeking to independently address their pollution management.
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