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Fresh air development

SIDAC combines performance and passion with leading technologies and professional expertise to bring a rush of fresh air to industrial emissions. SIDAC products embody decades of research development to deliver efficient service and low cost and maintenance, as well as ease of installation and adjustment, making its products the market leader in industrial air solutions. SIDAC’s extensive experience is founded on an early anticipation of future international demand for pollution control systems, and years of process and research in the field has produced a series of innovative, patented products capable of specified client requirements whilst also promoting enhanced accessibility to air pollution control technologies.

Environmental protection has become a focal socio-political issue in terms of recent industry regulation, and thus SIDAC’s reputation as a leading air control supplier is based on the implementation of both economical and ecological solutions, progressive technologies applied from conception to implementation in the delivery of timely and effective industry solutions.

Founded on nearly thirty years of experience in research and development into the handling of air pollution, SIDAC’s expertise has also come to encompass two other specialties: the dehydration of sludge and mixing static.


Besides the functional innovations of electrostatic filter techniques, the company has also developed a subsequent fabric filter; specifically adapted for cremation along with a reactor derived from static mixer technologies, expressly designed for more efficient acid neutralization and capture of dioxins and furans. The most reliable solution for a limited cost, SIDAC’s filter systems comprise more than thirty engineered units to effectively control incinerator fumes - both sludge and garbage - mastering the complete DENOX chain, including SNCR implementation and modified Urea spectrums.

SIDAC’s enduring processes of innovation are tapered by our constant commitment and regulation to deliver expert standards of quality, reliability and service. These unparalleled standards of excellence allow us to systematically tailor a service rooted in client confidence and satisfaction, providing an international expertise for 21st century industry. 

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